Friday, 6 June 2008

Wedding Netherlands

So here they are just a fraction of all the pictures that were taken. But I hope everyone will enjoy them as much as Rob and I enjoyed our happy day. Thank you for all of you who could made it to our wedding and for the one's who could not make it due to the fact that it was all very short notice, please be sure that you were in our hearts throughout our happy day. Enjoy the slide show bellow, if you would like a full screen slide show use the link bellow:


Kristina said...

Wow you are absolutely beautiful! The photography is stunning.... WOW!!!
Have a great honeymoon!

Ana Paula Waaijenberg said...

Parabéns lindona! Vendo as fotos me arrependo de não ter pedido para assistir à cerimônia. Conheço casamentos gregos somente de filmes e eles parecem muito emocionantes. Muitos beijos e muitos sobrinhos ;-)

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