Friday, 11 March 2011

Luke's B-day at the Beach!

Oh my this blog is sooo neglected! Its been pretty hard to get the time to write anything at the moment. I have started my own business!!! Yes, you heard me right. It took a lot of courage and work and its all set but it takes most of the little free time I have so hence the neglect of my personal blog! I have opened an online shop for handmade toys and gifts for children. The shop and blog are called Little Wooden Shoe. You can check the blog here. You can check the shop here. I hope you pass by and check it for yourself.

Any way, my little boy turned two last month!!! Can you believe how fast it all went, it feels like it was last month I had this little newborn in my arms. So we decided to do a nice breakfast birthday on the beach. Because of the extreme hot weather we have been having over here we had to make it early in the morning, that is why the breakfast birthday. Everyone loved the idea of having it early seeing most of the parents are all awake at dawn by there little angels. So we made a cooked breakfast in the barbecue and we had cake, popcorn and other snacks for the kids. It was really an amazing day and Luke just loved it. I made his cake as his favourite cartoon character Ponyo . Naturally I did a crap job, I am no birthday cake baker but he seemed to recognise it immediately and the kids at the party seemed to love it, so mission accomplished! See trailer of the film bellow.

Very cute film!!! So bellow are some cool pictures of the party I hope you all enjoy and I am sooo sorry for the long silence.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

What a year this has been!!! Full of challenges at every corner and delightful new experiences. My blogging has become less frequent but time for blogging has been hard to find with Luke becoming a toddler and needing more entertainment from me. I have opened an online shop in the end of November too, after so many comments from blog readers, friends and family always telling me that I should have a go in selling my craft. So I took the plunge and this is why we had no posts for two months. So you can find a link to the shop on the side bar of this blog or you can try going to Little Wooden Shoe blog. I already had 8 orders since opening the shop and with all the Christmas holidays it was a pretty full on month for me. But not to worry I will still keep this blog and will update as regularly as possible. Well, here are some photos of Luke during Christmas. The first set of photos is at our local shops, were they have organised something for the kids. The next set  of photos is at our family Christmas.  I hope all of you have a wonderful 2011!!!!

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