Sunday, 29 July 2007

Leo's Quilt in Progress (Oh new online album)

I have started another quilt for a little guy I know who is very very sweet. I decided to make two quilts, one for Leo which you can see the progress bellow, and the other for Lucas his brother. I chose very simple patterns so I wont get lost. This time I am making it all by myself(that's why the simple pattern). So I hope it will work out! Leo passed by the other day to monitor my progress and be sure I am using the fabrics that he liked. Talking about pressure! We had sushi which he enjoyed but Lucas didn't like it at all...too sea weedy...hahhaha Well have a look at the slide show bellow. Oh by the way if you would like to check out my new photo album just click the link or the title of this post. I am changing album websites because the other one is giving me grief! Ok hope you guys like it.


Carol said...

Perdeu 1 kilinho já hein??? Putz, não aguento mais contar os segundos pra ir pra Vegas!!!!!

Esse quilt novo vai ficar uma gracinha... Te prepara pra minha encomenda... Vou fazer akele negócio com os lenços da minha vovó... Só falta eu ir comprar os tecidinhos...

Beijinhos pra vc e pro Rob,


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